On 1st April, Diva Visions celebrated its third year as a premier business club for women at the Bishopsgate Royal Bank of Scotland building, holding an event called Women in Business & Women in the Board room. The event treated … Continue reading
Strawberry-Fudge-Brownie-Cake-by-©Bakingdom copy
We are excited to announce that this year will mark the third year anniversary of the Diva Visions business club!! As they say, ‘three is the magic number’, and what better way to honor this exciting occasion than to host … Continue reading
Patrice Stephens
The concept of ‘blogging’ officially started in the late 1990s but has become increasingly mainstream since 2004. Beauty and fashion blogging has become extremely popular in recent years with women starting to use blogs as a first-hand source of information. … Continue reading
On Saturday 2nd November 2013, a swarm of gorgeous blessed women rushed down in their best swanky heels to the latest Diva Visions event, Business In Heels, which was held at the beautiful Strand Palace Hotel in Central London. This … Continue reading
On Friday 25th October, we decided to throw our annual Pink Friday event (which we do in honour of breast cancer awareness month) internally at our offices with all donations being raised for the Breast Cancer Care charity. To mark … Continue reading
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  We recently held a photo competition at Diva Visions HQ via our social networks and through Mavis Amankwah’s social networks to win a FREE ticket for our Business In Heels event (tickets are normally £27 each). We asked people … Continue reading
business in heels final
  As Diva Visions is a unique female business club, we wanted to hold a special event before the end of the year to highlight the business and feminine aspects of being strong businesswoman succeeding in a mostly male-dominated business … Continue reading
You Were Supposed To Love Me
Award winning Author Winsome ‘Lyrical Healer’ Duncan has been writing for over 20 years. You Were Supposed To Love Me is her third book title, which is currently being interpreted by public images at her valentine Art Exhibition which will … Continue reading
In their most basic form, beauty oils are rich in fatty acids and help skin to retain moisture. However, clever formulations ensure skin oils deliver antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing benefits as well. Oil cleansers are suitable for all skin types. … Continue reading
Business Mentor Event
  On Wednesday 11th September, Positive Inclusions and Rich Visions Small Business headed down to the always-welcoming Google Campus venue to hold our second Become A Business Mentor event. After the massive success of the first one in June where … Continue reading
Models Of Diversity co-founder Angel Sinclair, 51, set up the campaign with Sal Williams in 2008 after appearing on Gok Wan’s Miss Naked Beauty. ‘I was struck by the wide range of beautiful women taking part and yet that’s not … Continue reading
If you’re a Topshop and H&M regular and under the age of 40, chances are Hobbs has never really crossed your radar. If you know the label at all, like me, you probably associate it with some terribly stereotypical idea … Continue reading
Tyra Banks presents 15
Talk about fierce! Just days after Tyra Banks teased us with a few pics of herself recreating famous poses by the likes of Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss as part of the new Tyra Banks Presents: 15 exhibition, along comes the rest of the fabulous photos. Shot by photographer Udo … Continue reading
No sooner have we started to get our heads around the new season trends for autumn/winter (have you got that pink coat yet? No? What have you been doing?), than the fashion industry is moving onto the next: spring/summer 2014. … Continue reading
ASOS  Kimono Dress in Oriental Bird Print  40.jpg
Florals may be a spring favourite but they’re a key part of our winter wardrobes too. The high street’s latest incarnation is dark and moody. Source: Metro UK – Fashion
Design names from around the world will shortly descend on the capital for London Fashion Week (from 13th to 17th September), to show their collections for spring/summer 2014. As always, it’s a determinedly elitist event, with tickets to the shows … Continue reading
Finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding the holy grail. It’s a battle millions of women face every time they hit the shops. But help is at hand. Activewear brand Zaggora (www.zaggora.com) has devised a workout plan they … Continue reading
Orange Lip trend alert!
  If all the “bare” looks you’ve seen so far at New York Fashion Week have put you to sleep, then this beauty trend is sure to wake you up. Orange lips and nails were the brightest accessory on the Spring 2014 runways … Continue reading
Networking Event
Positive Inclusions had an amazing networking evening for all successful Start-up Loan applicants at the offices on Wednesday 21st August. There were drinks and nibbles as well multi-business owner and Diva Visions founder, Mavis Amankwah, taking questions and queries about … Continue reading
J Crew
We’ve still got over two months before J Crew officially lands on British soil but that doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to see a boarded space outside its store in the meantime.  Instead, the American brand has called on some of … Continue reading
wah nails founder
Stylist, consultant and all-round business babe Sharmadean Reid is a woman with expertly manicured fingers in a lot of pies. But she’s perhaps best known as the founder of Wah Nails – the cult east London salon that now has … Continue reading
Our perfect day: Georgina Porteous and Sid Innes paid £1 to get married (Picture: Centre Press) A thrifty bride and groom have proved a wedding day need not cost a fortune after spending just £1 to celebrate their nuptials. Georgina … Continue reading
It’s almost that time of the year when children go back to school. Around this time, parents may find this task of preparing their children to go back to school to be an overwhelming process from school supplies to uniform, … Continue reading
The Shock of seeing an Ex has happened to ALL of us! Instantaneously..feelings and emotions bubble to the service of your entire being! Trivial questions and thoughts such as: What has he been up to? Is he single? Does he think I look cute?…and the worst..Is he … Continue reading
female entrepreneurs2
The UK ranks “dreadfully” behind Mexico, France and Germany as being a good place for female entrepreneurs, a new index shows. The study of 17 countries ranks Britain outside of the top five, in sixth place, with the UK failing … Continue reading
female entrepreneurs
The world of e-commerce is always buzzing. Seen as the easiest and quickest route to a start-up business, it has given identity and opportunity to many across the globe. Within a couple of years, it has become so popular that … Continue reading
Four leading businesswomen share advice To celebrate International Women’s Day today, Leeds University Business School has asked four leading businesswomen to share their experiences for the next generation of budding entrepreneurs. Read on for tips and advice from entrepreneur Deirdre Bounds, philanthropist … Continue reading
Promoting yourself may sound self-serving and you would be right, but in the world we work in so many factors contribute to success and one of them is the ability to promote yourself.  You will definitely have people around you … Continue reading
Women are better bosses than men
Female board directors consider interests of all parties Survey of 600 corporate directors show women’s decisions are fairer There should be more women in the boardroom, a study has found – and not just in the name of equality. They … Continue reading
Businesswoman using digital tablet in office at night
Attracting more women into business could be a significant step to economic growth, and banks should be taking the lead When I ask friends to name a successful businesswoman, I find it really interesting that the same names crop up … Continue reading
If you happen to be a natural hair enthusiast, and are as addicted to your Instagram app as we are, you’re already well aware that the hashtag #TeamNatural leads to a world within itself. Over the weekend, we spotted from a few of IG’s most … Continue reading
Woman Washing her Hair
Have you ever spent a considerable amount of money on a hair product only to be left disappointed? Do you wish you could run into the kitchen & mix up a magic concoction to make all of your hair woes … Continue reading
  Ladies, let us explain something to you: One of your man’s greatest fears is stumbling upon a Dear John letter. To him, sincerely you. But what’s scarier is that the scribe of the above breakup letter–who we just know is a woman … Continue reading
Positive Inclusions
Are you an entrepreneur, business owner or sole trader established in business for 3 years or more? Can you spare one hour a month to encourage and support an aspiring entrepreneur to progress in their business as well as obtain … Continue reading
With the number of ‘mumpreneurs’ continuing to increase, we look at why women with babies and young children are taking on extra responsibility “The term ‘mumpreneur’ dates back about 15 years to a feature in Practical Parenting magazine, I think,” … Continue reading
AHB Live 2013
With the arrival of summer, Europe’s largest lifestyle event for women (and men) of colour is back! Afro Hair & Beauty LIVE (celebrating its 31st birthday this year) returns showcasing the latest season trends and hottest upcoming styles from across the … Continue reading
  Award Winning Entrepreneur, Mavis Amankwah and the RichVisions team will be holding a fashion and music workshopon the 23rd of May. You will find out how to turn your passion for music and fashion into a lucrative business. We are calling … Continue reading
As an approved applicant, you are now one step closer to turning your passions into profits. Mavis Amankwah business ambassador and award winning entrepreneur, will be running an exciting FREE workshop to address the questions which you will hear every day … Continue reading
Living Life
Living your life to the fullest should be the base of all of your actions. You should never do anything or put yourself around people that detract from you being at your best. When you live your life to the … Continue reading
Self Esteem
Building a high self-esteem is an important job that one should never quit. Whether or not your parents and friends supported and talked you up throughout your childhood is irrelevant. Your level of self-worth will filter into every area of your … Continue reading
Rosa Parks
From time to time, every diva needs an inspirational line or two to lift their spirits. These are twelve that we keep us strutting and strutting well on the runway that is life! 12 Quotes From Divas To Motivate Divas … Continue reading
Blocking Your Blessing?
More now than ever, I’ve been battling with myself about a lot of things. I guess you could say that I’m going through a mid-mid-life crisis so it seems. From my career goals to my deciding if it’s time to … Continue reading
Take Husband's Last Name?
Alright, divas! It’s time for me to let you in on another one of my Twitter polls. Earlier this week, I received the fantastic news that one of my best friends is now engaged! How exciting, right? Right! Now, I talk to … Continue reading
Marriage Vs Open Relationships
  It’s a day that ends in “y,” so of course whether or not Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have an open marriage has been in the news as of late. Rumors about the Hollywood duo spring up pretty much like … Continue reading
Blackface again?
Why are magazines still using blackface? Countless editorials have come under fire for reenacting the racist and archaic practice yet magazines continue to implement it. The latest offender is Vogue Netherlands Magazine for its “Heritage Heroes,” editorial in the May 2013 issue. The shoot … Continue reading
Summer is slowly approaching, and where there’s summer, there’s bath suits.  Typically bathing suits means that it’s time to maintain your nether regions. Well at least for those who choose to shave or wax.  Shaving and waxing periodically can occasionally cause issues … Continue reading
India Arie
India.Arie found herself in the middle of a swirl of internet rumors after releasing the artwork for her latest single, “Cocoa Butter.” The cover shows her looking a few shades lighter than usual. Critics and fans alike, including rapper Rhymefest, … Continue reading
Alesha Dixon
UK television personality Alesha Dixon has opened up on racism within the nation’s media industry.Speaking out during her spread with ‘Cosmopolitan’, the former ‘Mis-Teeq’ singer explained: “Sadly, I’ve learnt that prejudice still exists in parts of the entertainment industry – I did an interview with a … Continue reading
We live in a molly pill popping society, and there’s a pill for just about every malaise or body issue. Want to lose weight? Pop a pill. Want to have a higher sex drive? Pop a pill. What to calm your nerves? … Continue reading
Natural Hair
I’ve been natural since 1994, way before there were 50 billion blogs and YouTube tutorials dissecting the natural hair “movement”.  Everything I learned about my hair was done through trial and error. Plenty of errors, as a matter of fact. … Continue reading
Shea Moisture
For all of our diva’s who’ve been on the search for a ‘natural hair friendly’ hair coloring system, the folks at SheaMoisture have heard your cries loud and clear! The organic bath, body, and hair line recently took to their Facebook account in introducing … Continue reading
Rihanna signs with MAC
That Rihanna brand just won’t let up! The Pop rebel stunner can now add cosmetic giantsMAC to her ever-growing list of endorsements after signing an unprecedented deal with the firm. In a press release today, MAC revealed that they have paired with the Roc Nation star … Continue reading
As “real” as the ladies of the ‘The Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ keep it, many assume certain “storylines” are more for entertainment value than fact. However, it would appear there is a very serious element of truth to the marital problems currently … Continue reading
Black don't crack?
We’ve all heard the old adage “black don’t crack” and more than a few of us believe it’s true, according to a recent survey by Allure Magazine. The glossy polled 2,000 women and men about aging and learned that 86% of … Continue reading
Diva Visions Afternoon Tea Event
  At Diva Visions, we love to celebrate our women and their achievements. Our Afternoon Tea event on Saturday 16th March was a prime example of that. We were just recently sent a lovely short event review about the aforementioned … Continue reading
How to Dress: Frills
‘Early adoption of the modern frill is a high-risk strategy. The pioneering frill-seeker appears to have got dressed up in something fussy and fancy, not something chic and stylish’ For a long time, frills have been a detail added to … Continue reading
Fashion Weeks
As the economic climate cools, designer labels are retreating to their core values. The result is beautiful, wearable clothes – the backlash against fast fashion On Wednesday the final curtain came down on the biannual global merry-go-round of New York, … Continue reading
Perfect Eyelashes
When eyelashes are intensified it makes a big difference! Sexy lashes add depth to yours eyes and can glamorize any makeup look. But, sometimes our lashes are the hair we pay least attention to. They need love and care, too, … Continue reading
Beauty Misconceptions
While there is no doubt that black women are forward-thinking trendsetters, there’s a plethora of misconceptions in our community about what it takes to maintain our beauty. We’ve gone into myth-buster mode and are giving you the true information you … Continue reading
Top Knots
The topknot has always been a woman’s best friend when it comes to hairstyles, but lately it’s been having a major moment. It’s an effortless style that can be worn year-round, it’s a great protective style (no heat necessary), perfect … Continue reading
Natural Hair
Last weekend, my niece grabbed a blanket, stuffed the tip in a ponytail holder and ran around our living room with her “hair” flowing. She motioned toward the blanket and asked “Doesn’t my hair look pretty?” I couldn’t help but … Continue reading
Lauren Silberman
Lauren Silberman, a 28-year-old New Yorker who is set to make history as the first woman to try out for the NFL, hopes her attendance at the New York Jets’ regional combine in New Jersey on Sunday will “inspire others to get out … Continue reading
new_new_flyer_FIN (1) PNG
Come and celebrate the joys of womanhood with award winning entrepreneur Mavis Amankwah and the Diva Visions Team International Women’s Month is a globally acknowledged day connecting women all around the world and inspiring them to achieve their full potential. Recognising … Continue reading
These days you don’t have to be a tomboy in order to wear clothes considered to be boyish. Women are able to rock a pair of tuxedos and still make it look sexy and feminine. Yes! Menswear has taken over … Continue reading
exercise 12
Okay, we hear it time and time again, women not wanting to workout for fear that they’ll mess up their new Indian Remy ‘do. Does it make sense to forego your health for your hair? Probably not, but I can’t … Continue reading
As we approach the winter season, I cannot stress how important it is to change our skincare routine to make sure that we ladies are properly protected. By following these Diva Beauty Tips you will look and feel great during … Continue reading
Jennifer Lopez was spotted at the Chanel Spring/Summer 13 show yesterday with her daughter Emme and boyfriend Casper. However it seems that even front-row seats at a swanky fashion show weren’t enough to stop her four-year-old daughter Emme from getting … Continue reading
  First Lady Michelle Obama blew us away at the Democratic National Convention last night by wearing a custom pink Tracy Reese dress complete with a gorgeous feminine flowered pattern. The Detroit designer who is known for her pretty prints … Continue reading
Strawberry-Fudge-Brownie-Cake-by-©Bakingdom copy Patrice Stephens DSC_0128 20131025_101754 business in heels final resize business in heels final You Were Supposed To Love Me oils Business Mentor Event debenhams-ad-2 aw13-lookbook-shot Tyra Banks presents 15 LFW ASOS  Kimono Dress in Oriental Bird Print  40.jpg LFW2 Jeans Orange Lip trend alert! Networking Event J Crew wah nails founder wedding2 back_to_school_image1 single-successful-black-woman-570x398 female entrepreneurs2 female entrepreneurs 615x330_Michelle-Mone DSC_8713 Women are better bosses than men Businesswoman using digital tablet in office at night StylePantry Woman Washing her Hair vibe-vixen-best-breakup-letter Positive Inclusions Mumpreneurs AHB Live 2013 fashionandmusic pressfeature Living Life Self Esteem Rosa Parks Blocking Your Blessing? Take Husband's Last Name? Marriage Vs Open Relationships Blackface again? Vajacial? India Arie Alesha Dixon grey-hair-on-black-women Natural Hair Shea Moisture Rihanna signs with MAC porsha-kordell-stewart-divorce Black don't crack? Diva Visions Afternoon Tea Event How to Dress: Frills Fashion Weeks Perfect Eyelashes Beauty Misconceptions Top Knots Natural Hair Lauren Silberman new_new_flyer_FIN (1) PNG 4WOMEN exercise 12 Winter jlonew michelle-obama-dnc-2012-j-crew-tracy-reese
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